We are excited to announce that OpenAirInterface will feature in NVIDIA’s flagship technology event, the 2023 GPU Technology Conference (GTC) on the 23rd of March from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm CET.

On this occasion, Florian Kaltenberger, General Secretary of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance and Professor at EURECOM, Anupa Kelkar, Product Manager at NVIDIA, and Chris Dick, Wireless Architect at NVIDIA will introduce the attendees to a groundbreaking OAI-NVIDIA platform in a session entitled “A Bridge to 6G – Aerial Research and Innovation Platform”.

This session conducted by the NVIDIA and OAI experts will give an introduction to the first fully programmable Advanced 5G+ network as a sandbox – full-stack democratized platform. They will highlight the platform vision and use cases of early adopters, outline the C/C++ network programmability, provide OAI ISV gNB and CN overview, and do a deep dive into specific ML examples that have the potential to jumpstart great innovation.

This collaboration is designed to provide a solution to the multiple needs of different profiles of users: allowing researchers to simulate prototype-benchmark optimizations, algorithms, and innovations rapidly in a deployed Over-the-Air NR standards-compliant high-performance operational network, and more.

Make sure to save the date and join our GTC session!

Access to the session here