OpenAirInterface is pleased to announce the integration of the O-RAN 7.2 fronthaul split in the OAI stack done in collaboration with VVDN Technologies.

The integration of the O-RAN 7.2 fronthaul split is a significant improvement and an enrichment for the OAI stack. It opens up the opportunity for a wide range of O-RAN-compatible radio units to be tested and deployed with OpenAirInterface. This important milestone is a testimony of OAI’s commitment to the O-RAN specifications.

The implementation uses the O-RAN Fronthaul Interface (FHI) library provided by the O-RAN software community. For now, the control, user, and synchronization plane are supported.

Interoperability testing was completed with commercial testing equipment as well as with the O-RU from VVDN Technologies. The interface can carry up to 8 Layers of uncompressed IQ samples, each of 100MHz bandwidth with SCS of 30 kHz over a 25G interface. The tests were done with a 100MHZ bandwidth, SCS 30kHz, and TDD mode 2.5ms DDDSU. A Quectel COTS UE was used as user equipment.

This successful collaboration made its way to the 2023 Barcelona Mobile World Congress, where EURECOM, the founding member of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA), showcased an End-to-End 5G SA O-RAN 7.2 demo using the VVDN Technologies integration.

VVDN and OAI are working closely together for the last one years toward this demo. Current joint work is focused on upgrading the interface to add the management plane.

“This has been a very exciting and fruitful collaboration with the VVDN Technologies team. It is great to see the integration of the O-RAN 7.2 split into OpenAirInterface finally come to life! This new feature is one major step towards making OpenAirInterface viable for commercial deployments. It reduces the dependency on a small number of radio suppliers. The demo shown at MWC Barcelona is just the beginning, and we will certainly see more features added and more O-RUs supported with OAI in the coming months.” – Florian Kaltenberger, professor at EURECOM

About OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA):

The OSA was founded in 2014 by EURECOM, a research institute in the South of France. The Alliance manages and promotes OpenAirInterface (OAI) open-source software that offers 4G and 5G as well as Core Network stacks. Recently, agile service platforms under the label MOSAIC5G have also been added to the set of OSA’s offerings. The OAI software is used by many different organizations across the world for purposes of research and testing as well as for building blocks of systems for different 4G/5G use cases, a growing number of them industrial. Today, AMD, Firecell, Fujitsu, InterDigital, Meta, NI, Nokia Bell Labs, NVIDIA, Orange, PAWR, Qualcomm, Sequans Communications, and Vodafone are represented on the Board of Directors of the OSA as Strategic Members.