Abstract: Configuring a 5G Core Network (5GC) is a complicated task. While we always tried to keep the OAI 5GC configuration as simple as possible, we have identified the need to redesign and rewrite the way the OAI 5GC is configured. The new YAML-based structure easily allows the configuration of simple deployments, while also supporting complex and advanced use cases.

In this webinar, we will present the reasoning behind this design decision and explain the new possibilities to configure the OAI 5GC in great length. We will demonstrate how to configure simple deployments, network slicing scenarios, and UL CL deployments and embed this topic in the context of the current refactoring and code improvement initiative at the OAI 5GC.

Speaker: Stefan Spettel
Project Group: OAI CN
Date: 2023/07/28
Schedule: from 14:00 to 15:00 CET
Place: Zoom (This webinar is a virtual event).

Stefan Spettel received his Master’s degree in Software Engineering and Internet Computing from TU Vienna in March 2023. As part of his thesis, he designed and implemented an edge computing solution in the OAI 5GC as an intern in the OAI Software Alliance. Since then, he has become a key contributor to the OAI 5GC. In October 2022, he founded his startup “phine.tech” with the vision to facilitate the use of open source software in telecommunications and has been contributing to the OAI 5GC ever since.