Bruno Mongazon-Cazavet

Bruno is graduate from French “Arts et Métiers” Academy in fundamental computer science. He is working in the computing and networking areas for more than 35 years. He is “almost” born in a machine room, thanks to his mother who was a computing pioneer in the 60’s.
During the 80’s he has been working at CII-HB on standalone networking systems (Datanet) and front-end telecommunications processors (Mainway). He has been involved in the design and the implementation of real-time and multi-boards complex systems to support ISO/DSA (x25, Ethernet, HDLC), SNA (LU6.2, QLLC), and TCP/IP protocols.
During the 90’s he has been working at Sun Microsystems, ChorusOS, and Alcatel Alsthom Research. He has been involved in the design, the development, and the test of the kernel, the networking stacks, and intermediate middleware such as ALMAP (Alcatel Management Platform) and CAIPRS (Common Alcatel IP Routing stack).
Since the 21st century, he is working at Bell Labs on cellular technology (3G, 4G, 5G). He is a major contributor and promoter of all-in-one-portable cellular systems such as LMC9773 (Alcatel-Lucent µCore) and systems combined with LTEBOX/SABOX software. He is involved in OAI technical collaboration for more than 10 years and significantly contributed to the first LTE call of a COTS UE with OAI eNB as well as other areas of the code. Bruno joined the OSA representing Nokia in June 2022.