1) What is the problem Sylva targets to solve?
2) The expected benefits
3) The technological pillars
4) The high-level architecture
5) The validation program
6) The interlock with open source project
7) The industrial adoption
8) The key achievements & next challenges

Guillaume, a cloud-native enthusiast since 2015, has been deeply involved in the PaaS and CaaS domains. As the Product Manager of Orange Telco Cloud, he oversees the deployment of this service to host many different Network Functions across 18 Orange Affiliates in Europe and the Middle East & Africa (MEA). In addition, Guillaume is actively engaged in the Telco & Open source Ecosystem. He serves as the Co-Chair of Sylva and Advisory Board position with the Linux Foundation Europe contributing to collaborative efforts in the field.

Nicolas is a seasoned professional with expertise in project, partnership, and people management in international and multicultural environments. He developed a deep knowledge of telecom operators, device manufacturers, and cloud ecosystems throughout his career. After overseeing the deployment of the first telco cloud infrastructure for Orange Spain in 2018, it was natural for him to play a role in Sylva since the early stages of its inception back in 2020. Focusing on the relationships with industrial partners but also French and European officials, Nicolas is currently co-chairman of the Sylva Directed Fund where the project’s long-term strategy is defined.

Abstract: In this webinar, Orange will explain why operators and NFV vendors want to collaborate to build a concurrent telco cloud stack. We will delve into the organization of the project and how it aims to achieve its goals. We will learn about the high-level design and targeted use cases, starting with 5G Core and Open RAN. Lastly, we will discuss the active contributors and their interaction with the ecosystem.