The Summer 2021 edition of the OpenAirInterface Workshop will also be a virtual event.

The workshop will showcase demos of the 5G RAN stack as well as the 5G Core Network that the OAI community has delivered over the last six months. The workshop will also introduce the MOSAIC5G PROJECT GROUP recently launched at the OSA and show its initial outputs that comprise the near-RT RIC integration with OAI.

Workshop Date and Time

June 24th, 2021 from 4:00PM-8:30PM Central European Time (10:00AM-02:30PM US Eastern Time). We shall use the Zoom conferencing tool.

Instructions for Speakers

The speakers have already been notified of the acceptance of their proposals for speaking at the event. Please submit your presentations by the

21st of June 11:59 PM CET

The 12-minute presentations will be pre-recorded in order to facilitate the flow during the event. A three to four minute Q&A session will be arranged at the end of each presentation where the speakers will respond to questions posted on the chat.

Following are the instructions for recording the presentations.

Recording of the Presentation

  1. Please record your presentation with Zoom. The Zoom recording tool allows you to share your screen, use your webcam, and record your presentation. Before recording, please ensure that the microphone volume in the computer and light level in the room are adjusted before recording to capture the presentation in the best quality possible. A guide on how to record your presentation is available here.
  2. Please upload your .pdf as well as the video to this Google Drive. Request access by writing to email.
  3. The maximum duration of your video should be 12 minutes.

If you have any issues recording or uploading your presentation, please reach out by email.


This is a free event. However we shall share the Zoom conference information with the registered participants on the day of the event. Kindly register with your email address and other contact information here.

Workshop Program

Time Slot (CET) Speaker Affiliation Title
04:00PM – 04:10PM OSA board members OPENAIRINTERFACE SOFTWARE ALLIANCE Fireside chat of the Strategic Members of OSA
04:10PM – 04:25PM Florian Kaltenberger OSA / EURECOM OAI 5G RAN Project Group: Status and Roadmap of NSA and SA developments
04:25PM – 04:40PM Harada Masayuki FUJITSU FUJITSU’s Achievements with OAI 5G
04:40PM – 04:55PM Navid Nikaein OSA / EURECOM MOSAIC5G Project Group and Roadmap
04:55PM – 05:10PM Tien-Thinh Nguyen
Sagar Arora
OSA / EURECOM OAI 5G CN Project Group: Status and Roadmap of Developments
05:10PM – 05:25PM Luhan Wang BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOMS High Performance and Cloud Native Design Aspects in OAI 5G CORE
05:25PM – 05:35PM BREAK
05:35PM – 05:50PM Shweta Shrivastava OAX-LABS NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY CI/CD Framweworks for OAI at the OAX-Labs
05:50PM – 06:05PM Kobus Van Der Merwe THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH OAI Status and Plans in the POWDER Platform
06:05PM – 06:20PM Matthias Sander-Frigau IOWA STATE UNIVERITY PV-RAN for Whole-Stack Slicing
06:20PM – 06:35PM Shad Ansari OPEN NETWORKING FOUNDATION O-RAN E2AP Implementation in OAI
06:35PM – 06:50PM Ulas Kozat FACEBOOK CONNECTIVITY Path Forward with MAGMA
06:50PM – 07:00PM BREAK
07:00PM – 07:15PM Khodr Saaifan FRAUNHOFER IIS OAI MIMO Implementation Activities
07:15PM – 07:30PM Jose Antonio Mechaileh ELDORADO INSTITUTE BRAZIL OpenRAN and SDR: An Approach to Build Open Mobile Networks
07:30PM – 07:45PM Carlos Pupiales UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE CATALUNYA Efficient Traffic Aggregation for Dual Connectivity
07:45PM – 08:00PM Flavien Ronteix Jacquet ORANGE and IMT ATLANTIQUE LaSeQ: Low Impact Internal Latency Measurement Tool for OAI
08:00PM – 08:15PM Jorge QUEROL UNIVERSITY OF LUXEMBURG 5G  SpaceLab: Unleash the Potential of Future Space Communication
08:15PM Raymond Knopp OSA / EURECOM Closing Remarks