Subject: Configuration Files and Linux Threading in the OAI RAN Code

Project Group: OAI 5G RAN

Date: 01/18/2022

Schedule: from 13:00 to 14:30 CET

Place: Zoom (This webinar is a virtual event)

Speaker: Laurent Thomas, Senior Software Engineer

Abstract: OpenAir configuration module offers easy configuration file parsing and command-line options setting. Through this webinar you will learn

1. How different options are taken into account

2. How to add an option in the source code

3. How the OpenAirInterface process synchronizes its multiple threads implementation (Inter-thread communication libraries in OAI uses ‘intertask interface’ (ITTI) library for high layers managers (RRC, NGAP, GTP-U))

4. How the thread-pool and the global multi-threads organization works for lower layers

Speaker: Laurent THOMAS is a telecom engineer, graduated from Institut Galilée (Paris Sorbonne University) in 1989. Laurent developed cellular networks statistics and time series analysis software to tune the cellular networks parameters and network planning for the SFR operator, the Alcatel. He developed 3G in Alcatel Fujitsu joint venture, and Wimax before joining Alcatel Research. After the Alcatel-Lucent merge, Laurent continued to lead a Bell Labs research department on Cellular networks in charge of protocols above PHY layer. Laurent has been in the OSA creation initiative and he created the first startup on open source cellular networks implementation.