Subject: End-to-End OAI 5G accelerated by the Xilinx T1 Telco card  

Project Group: OAI 5G RAN

Date: 2022/03/29

Schedule: from 14:00 to 15:00 CET

Place: Zoom (This webinar is a virtual event)

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Abstract: Today, a key element of Open RAN networks is the possibility to offload a part of the computationally expensive processing to dedicated hardware. Several hardware manufacturers are currently bringing such hardware to the market. One example is Xilinx with its T1 telco accelerator card. This is an OpenAirInterface 5G NR End-to-End demo with COTS UE accelerated by offloading channel decoding on the Xilinx T1 card. In this demo, a video stream is sent from one UE and is played on the second UE.

Hongzhi Wang has 20 years of work experience with wireless communications systems. He is a Senior Software Engineer specializing in Physical layer development for 3GPP standards. Hongzhi worked on the OAI 4G and 5G UE development from 2017-2020, and he joined the OSA from 2021 and works now on the integration of Xilinx T1 offload into OAI.