The scope of 5G CN project developments is to deliver a 3GPP compliant 5G Core Network under the OAI Public License V1.1.

The 3GPP 5G system architecture, based on correspondence between the 5G core and 4G LTE-EPC is shown in the picture below. The developments in the sphere of this project cover all parts of the 5G core show in orange

CUPS: Control and User Plane Separation SGW: Serving Gateway

MME: Mobility Management Entity HSS: Home Subscriber Server

PCRF: Policy and Charging Rules Function PGW: PDN Gateway

AMF: Access and Mobility Management Function NEF: Network Exposure Function

SMF: Session Management Function NRF: NF Repository Function

UPF: User Plane Function PCF: Policy Control Function

AUSF: Authentication Server Function UDM: Unified Data Management

NSSF: Network Slice Selection Function

SBI: Service Based Interfaces (Namf, Nsmf, Nudm, Nnrf, Nnssf, Nausf, Nnef, Nsmsf, Nudr, Npcf)


Deployment Phases of the 5G core

The project will consist of the following phases over the course of the two years starting summer 2020:


Basic deployment of AMF, SMF and UPF in docker containers based on the Ubuntu bionic with basic call flow and traffic tests carried out on simulated gNB and UE using dsTester (UPF is tested only with PFCP procedures).


Continuous implementation of features as added updates for the existing network components (AMF , SMF and UPF) with addition of extra network components like UDM and AUSF deployed in the EURECOM OpenShift cluster.


Full stand-alone 5G core implementation and complete deployment framework for a microservices-based architecture.


OAI 5G CN PG Roadmap – Revisited June 2021

The OAI community is invited to refer to the following roadmap that gives the sequencing and the timeline for the availability of different functions of a 3GPP compliant 5G core.. The roadmap roughly spanning three quarters. We shall regularly keep revisiting the roadmap to give the OAI community constant visibility over a similar timeframe.


To accelerate the delivery of a feature-rich and stable 5G core network software, the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) has launched a new sponsorship mechanism called PROJECT GROUP in Q1 2021 for its partners, especially the industry, who are invited to donate financial resources to developments through these PROJECT GROUPS. The OAI 5G CN PROJECT GROUP has been set up at the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) with the goal of developing a fully 3GPP compatible 5G CN stack as open source software for the OAI community. The project will be developed and the software distributed under the OAI Public License V1.1.

Parties seriously interested in leveraging the OAI CN code for their use-cases and thus looking to influence the development roadmap can participate by joining the Alliance as Strategic Members and then participating in the OAI 5G CN PROJECT GROUP in one of the donor categories. For more details on the working of the Project Group and sponsorship categories, please download the Project Group Charter.

For further enquiries on how to participate in the OAI 5G RAN PROJECT GROUP, please write to: contact@openairinterface.org

Project Code

Please visit the home of the project on Gitlab: https://gitlab.eurecom.fr/oai/cn5g/oai-cn5g-amf/-/wikis/home