ULAK Haberlesme, an Ankara based company, carrying out R&D and engineering activities of mobile and broadband communication systems used by commercial network operators, today announced joining the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance.

The Alliance is pleased to have recently been increasing its member base in new territories and a Turkish partner with 413 4G+ sites (see here) deployed and rapidly growing is an exciting partner for the OSA. We look forward to a strong collaboration with our new Associate member and hope to make open implementations of 5G gNB based on OAI a stable solution for further industrial uses.

According to Akin Soysal, “Ulak Communications is an end-to-end network solutions provider based in Turkey. In addition to our 4.5G base station, software defined network and other network elements, we are expanding our product portfolio with 5G core and radio access network elements. Within our 5G RAN development process at Ulak, we have benefited greatly from open source code and open interfaces of OAI. We are actively using the modified 5G nFAPI interface between MAC-PHY to test our code. In order to increase our interaction and contribute our findings to the community, we have joined the OAI network as an Associate Member. We are willing to partner with other companies inside the ecosystem to integrate our building blocks through open interfaces to bring out a product to the market faster.

About ULAK Haberlesme

ULAK COMMUNICATION has the mission of realizing R&D and engineering activities of mobile and broadband communication systems used by network operators in commercial activities, to make production, test, assembly and integration, sales and marketing, import and export of these systems and spare parts, to provide education, maintenance and support services.

More on the ULAK base station product can be learned by clicking here.