The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance is pleased to announce the release of the OAI 5G Core Network code. An initial set of features is already available and developments with a solid team are underway to build the rest of the 3GPP 5G SBA core. The project home page is here and gives a good overview of the development phases and the roadmap.

The AMF and the SMF code is available on GITLAB. Also check this the needed repositories for the OpenAirInterface 5G core network development. While working to release the UPF code, we are working with the SPGW-U on the GITHUB.

A CI bench is already operational and in place. Any new features or developments introduced by community developers will only merge after having thoroughly been tested against third party testers and OAI 5G RAN test benches.

We cordially invite the community to contribute to the developments of the OAI 5G core network and reach out to for any questions and contribution proposals.

The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance Team