The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance continues to increase its member base and welcomes the arrival of Hannover -based TASSTA GmbH as Associate Member to work on a number of real-life applications ranging from Push-To-Talk, Private Messaging, Emergency Solutions, Network Gateway to GPS and Indoor Localization, and many others.

Quoting TASSTA GmbH, “TASSTA communication and emergency technology verifies to continue its LTE development for improving communication for two-way radio network users. We are very proud to join the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance for improving our knowledge and products!

Push-to-Talk over cellular (POC) has had significant success over the last year when it comes to seamless radio communication by integrating LTE networks. Business and public safety sectors recognized the innovation for future operation. TASSTA provides the solutions the users require and offers a range of applications for everyone to communicate.

TASSTA’s ecosystem with T.Flex and T.Rodon applications is able to operate with any IP-network around the globe. We are working since years for implementing the 3GPP standard from ETSI based on LTE. It is the only Mission Critical PTT standard worldwide which is recognized by many governments as an extension or replacement of public safety radio networks. TASSTA has successfully completed the last two Plug Tests from 3GPP Evolved Packet System (EPS) as one of the first companies worldwide with over 90% success rate.

Right now, TASSTA is processing the security check of FirstNET USA, passing the emergency standard BGR 139 in Germany and continuing the standard of ETSI 3GPP for MCPTT, MCDATA and MCVIDEO.”

TASSTA is an exiting partner for the OSA in that its focus is mostly on applications. We are pleased to see such a member on board the Alliance. As OpenAirInterface continues to improve the quality of its software offering, it becomes more and more a viable solution as building block for solutions build by small and medium-size enterprises. This also demonstrates why the Alliance should remain focused upon its vision of facilitating OpenAirInterface adoption and in turn democratizing wireless innovation.


Pushing borders!

Based in Germany, TASSTA operates worldwide and offers the most professional integrated communication and security system, which includes a professional push-to-talk, lone worker protection, indoor localization, emergency and security operation solution.

Additionally to T.Flex and T.Rodon, TASSTA offers its gateway T.Bridge for interconnecting TASSTA to any other professional radio network (PMR or LMR) like TETRA, DMR, P25, NextEdge, iDAS and so on. TASSTA’s standalone server T.Lion runs on premise or in the cloud with a full hot redundancy T.Brother and permanent recording T.Recorder for information recording calls, messages or GPS data.

Our TASSTA Team has a very strong and extensive expertise in the professional mobile radio (PMR) market, and our developers have spent years working as ‘on field service engineers’ for the main TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radios) providers in different projects all over the globe.

For TASSTA the most important objective is to provide users qualified communication systems and to meet all required quality standards. We are: Communication – Organization – Security!