SICHUAN INNO-GENCE TECHNOLOGY , a Sichuan based company, building solutions for 5G and Artificial Intelligence test and development today announced joining OpenAirInterface Software Alliance.

While the Alliance has a strong footprint in the Asia Pacific region though a number of academic and industrial R&D collaborations some of them currently under discussion, Sichuan Inno-gence is officially the first China-based industrial partner of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance. The focus on the 5G Mobile Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence cases allows to bring to the forefront a use-case that is often noted in high-profile keynotes as one of the most important set of 5G applications. We welcome Sichuan Inno-Gence to the Alliance and hope that its arrival will open the doors for other Chinese and Asian companies to join the Alliance and benefit from the set of opportunities the Alliance presents in the path to 5G success.

About Sichuan Inno-Gence

Sichuan Inno-Gence Technology Co., Ltd  is holding subsidiary company of Sichuan Troy Information Technology  Group company.  Sichuan Troy Information technology Group  company is famous ICT system integrator company in Southwest of China on Cloud computing and big data sides which is listed company (stock code:300366) in China A-Stock market.

Sichuan Inno-gence is focusing on 5G+MEC+AI research and development, with core-team members mainly from Ericsson, ZTE , Huawei ,Cisco, HP and some related partner companies. Now Sichuan Inno-Gence is applying to join the OAI project and OSA and wants to co-operate with other members to promote the OAI 5G project contribution in code optimization, debugging, test and troubleshooting etc., and at the same time also benefit from OAI team’s support to speed up 5G test & development plan in their 5G lab. Please visit the company’s website for further information.