Dear Workshop Participants & OAI Community,

It was a pleasure meeting all of you at the “Fall 2021 OpenAirInterface Workshop: Hands-On with the OAI Architects”. We want to thank everyone who participated in the event and made it a success. A special thanks to our partners, contributors, members, and team without whom this event would not have been the same. We hope you enjoyed the event, and we will see you again in our next workshop in June 2022 and in the future OAI webinars.

As revealed during the workshop every project group (RAN, Core Network & MOSAIC 5G) gives you the possibility of competing in a dedicated challenge to win special awards. You can find important information such as goals, requirements, evaluations, deadlines, and prizes in the challenge descriptions by clicking on the links below:

  – RAN challenge: Mobility Channel Models Timing Advance (code submission deadline: 01/24/2022)

  – Core Network challenge: Dynamic Addition of Subscribers (code submission deadline: 01/17/2022)

  – MOSAIC5G challenges: (code submission deadline: 01/17/2022)

1) Challenge #1: Design a FlexRIC Service Model (SM) that monitors PHY or RRC layers statistics
2) Challenge #2: PDCP xApp Challenge: Compute the throughput and loss rate per UE and per BS for TX and RX, and visualize it over time
3) Challenge #3: RLC xApp Challenge: Compute the RLC throughput and ARQ retransmission statistics in last 1 second in terms of median, avg, deviation for TX, and visualize them over time
4) Challenge #4: MAC xApp Challenge: Compute the aggregated throughput rate per UE/RNTI for TX and RX, and visualize it over time