Thanks for having joined us at the Joint ETSI – OSA Event on Open Implementations and Standardization last week. 

We were pleased to see great interest in the workshop with a large turnout from all corners of the world to hear from our valued keynote speakers, panelists, and presenters of technical work in talks and demos. Thanks equally to training participants and our valued trainers!

The public presentations are now available at

This event was a unique one and brought the 5G standardization and implementation communities together to reflect on the role of open implementations such as OpenAirInterface in support of the development of standards. Other aspects of OpenAirInterface were also shown including initiatives towards commercialization. We also believe that the event came at a time when collaborative and open initiatives for wireless 5G are influencing how state of the art wireless networks can be designed, standardized, and implemented. This in turn is impacting the work of standards groups.

In the follow-through of the workshop, the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance is looking forward to engaging further with our community and beyond to develop the use of open implementations in support of standardization alongside other use-cases of the OAI. Please feel free to write to us and share your thoughts through our website or social media pages*.

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