OpenAirInterface Software Alliance is hiring 5G RAN and Core Network Development and Test Engineers – US Based

The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) wishes to strengthen its North American presence by building an US-based team of 5G Wireless experts developing and testing different components of the OpenAirInterface (OAI) software. To this end, the OSA is currently looking to hire several full-time wireless engineers and/or contractors with knowledge and expertise in 4G/5G Radio Access Network (RAN) development and Core Network (CN) development with strong skills in C/C++ programming. The successful candidates will contribute to the development and testing of 5G RAN and CN software stacks ranging from PHY layer to MAC, RRC, RLC, and PDCP layers on the RAN side and the functional blocks of AMF, SMF, UPF, and others of the 3GPP 5G Core Network. The Alliance already has developed a fully-functional and advanced 5G RAN gNB and UE software stack as well as a 5G CN available in the OAI GIT repositories. The candidates will base their developments for the next-in-line features on this work in compliance with 3GPP specifications.

Another aspect of the role is to conduct Interoperability Testing of the OAI 5G core and the gNB stack with commercial User Equipment (UE) and analyze the results to ensure proper functioning of all layers of the software stack. This involves working closely with the OAI CICD team based in France to develop testing tools and environments. Experience and strong skills in DevOps, Python, Ansible, Jenkins and similar CICD tools is required for this role.

If you are interested in any of these roles, please write with a CV to the OSA team at

About the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance

The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA), a non-profit organization promoting open source telecoms software, works with a number of prestigious academic and industrial partners on a variety of use-cases employing the renowned OpenAirInterface (OAI) open source software for 5G networks. The OAI software is the world’s most comprehensive open source RAN and CN software in the 4G/5G area, making it an exciting project to join for any telecom engineer who is looking to either make a debut in this field, reinvent his/her career in the wireless telecoms industry or to take it to a different level. The OAI project team is working on cutting edge technologies of virtualization, SDN and cloud native deployments and thus provides a great opportunity to learn and develop one’s skills. A strong community of developers from among individuals, academic as well as industrial organizations from the four corners of the world contribute 5G features in the OAI codebase on a daily basis.

Type of position: Full-time, Permanent or Contract, Working remotely with international teams
Salary: Commensurate with skills and experience