Dear Community,

This is to inform you the licensing structure for the openairCN 4G codebase has been changed upon decision of the Board of Directors of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance. Please refer to the updated licensing model for the 4G and 5G Core network code-bases  here.

This change accompanies a  modification of the repository structure of the openairCN codebase as depicted in the figure above and also explained here.  This structure is as follows:

Please note that we shall no longer provide developer access to the “openair-mme”. Moreover, access to this repository is only temporary, since we are in the process of migrating to a converged and single MME that is hosted within the Magma codebase (included in The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance is a proud supporter  of Magma and many of you already know that  the MME component of the 4G core in Magma is based on OAI.

Do stay tuned as these changes are a prelude to  our ambition of  building  a cloud-native core network – a journey well underway at the Alliance.

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The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance Team*

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