From the 26th of February to the 29th of February, OpenAirInterface was present at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. During the event, we showcased five demos leveraging the latest OAI developments:

1- OpenAirInterface 5G FR2 in SA
2- Multi O-RU and Lookaside Acceleration Support
3- Could-native Intent-driven Automation via Nephio
4- Combining Network Data Analytics Function with Machine Learning for Abnormal Traffic Detection in beyond 5G
5- Concurrent SMO/non-RT RIC and nearRT-RIC for RAN Management and QoE Improvement

We thank everyone who passed by the EURECOM stand and took a look at the OAI demos.

We would also like to say special thanks to all of our partners and community members who put up demos leveraging OAI at MWC: Accelercomm, Advalio, Fraunhofer IIS, HCLTech, and Tiami Networks to name a few.

1- AccelerComm
Demo title: AccelerComm Lookaside LDPC Accelerator Demo
Demo description:
AccelerComm O-RAN FEC Lookaside – A state-of-the-art 5G NR gNB reference platform using the OAI L1 stack to demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of its Lookaside LDPC Accelerator, optimized for AMD Xilinx Telco Accelerator Cards. This leading-edge O-RAN AAL FEC solution is meticulously engineered to comply with the stringent demands of 5G NR LDPC encoding and decoding standards, facilitating the swift integration of powerful hardware accelerators into servers via the PCIe bus. Immerse yourself in the next evolution of 5G technology with AccelerComm’s advanced, carrier-grade solutions, crafted to significantly boost spectral efficiency and reduce network latency, propelling O-RAN networks into the future.

2- AdvalioDemo title: OAIBOX: 5G open-source 5G made simple
Demo description:
ADVALIO, a distributor of Allbesmart, showcased the OAIBOX40, a user-friendly, plug-and-play, and open-source 5G SA test network for research and experimentation.

3- Fraunhofer IISDemo title: 5G-NTN E2E Demo
Demo description: Fraunhofer IIS showcased a demo with OAI gNB and UE, including extensions for 5G-NTN and channel emulator.

4- HCLTech
Demo title: KPIMON xApp on OSC RIC with OAI-based O-CU O-DU split setup with USRP boards
Demo description: KPIMON with OSC RIC H-Release integrated with OAI split mode (CU-DU) RAN setup fetching the Cell and UE KPI data in both RF SIM and USRP-based setup.

5- Tiami Networks
Demo title: Integrated Sensing: Residential Counting & Activity Detection
Demo description:
Tiami Networks showcased a 6G-ready integrated sensing approach for the Residential Counting and Activity Recognition demo.