Biot, France, June 24, 2022 – The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) today announced that NI (formerly known as National Instruments), one of the world’s leading developers of automated test and measurement systems, has joined the organization’s Strategic Board. As a Board member, NI will collaborate with the OSA members to advance the open interface standards development of 6G.

“Open-source stacks are a key pillar for driving 6G research with OAI leading the community,” said Malay Duggar, Solutions Marketing Manager, NI. “As an industry-leading developer of test and measurement systems, we believe NI can help leverage the collective expertise to accelerate the research by creating test beds for the open-source developers.”

6G research spans many industries and applications, including Wireless, Aerospace, and Autonomous Driving, to name a few. Creating and utilizing an open stack helps the industry accelerate the prototyping of 6G technologies. OAI and NI’s collaboration is assisting the wireless industry by leveraging software-defined radio (SDR) technology and open protocol stacks to enable researchers to quickly move new concepts from mathematical models to over-the-air testbeds.

“The OAI is pleased to welcome NI to its Strategic Board,” said Irfan Ghauri, Director of Operations of the OSA. “The OpenAirInterface community has been using NI’s USRP software-defined radios for a number of years for building end-to-end experimental 4G and 5G platforms and validating new technologies in 4G and 5G. As we move forward towards disaggregated stacks in 5G/B5G that leverage AI/ML techniques involving all layers of the stack, NI’s expertise in developing experimental research platforms will be an even more important enabler for R&D and validation. All of us here at the OSA as well as our research and industrial partners are thrilled to engage even more strongly with NI as they join the Strategic Board.”

About OpenAirInterface Software Alliance
The OSA was founded in 2014 by EURECOM, a research institute in the south of France. The Alliance manages and promotes OpenAirInterface (OAI) open-source software that offers 4G, 5G and B5G RAN as well as Core Network stacks. The OAI software is used by many different organizations across the world for purposes of research and testing as well as for building blocks of systems for different 4G/5G use-cases, some of them industrial. Today, AMD,, Fujitsu, InterDigital, Meta Connectivity, National Instruments, Nvidia, Orange, PAWR, Qualcomm, and Sequans Communications are represented on the Board of Directors of the OSA as Strategic Members.

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EURECOM is a top-ranked research lab and graduate school dedicated to ICT area, located in Europe’s premier high-tech park Sophia-Antipolis, in the glamorous heart of the French Riviera. EURECOM is a joint venture by some of Europe’s leading Technical Universities and key industrial players in the domains of digital technologies and intelligent transport networks. Besides a strong presence in industrial research projects, EURECOM is a major hub for European project activity, including fundamental research projects (ERC).

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About NI
At NI, we bring together the people, ideas, and technology so forward thinkers and creative problem solvers can take on humanity’s biggest challenges. From design and validation to manufacturing production, we provide software-connected systems leveraging data through all aspects of the development life cycle, enabling engineers and enterprises to Engineer Ambitiously™ every day.

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