ng4T accelerates 5G innovation by joining the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA)

We are glad to announce that ng4T GmbH has become part of the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance community to help with the development and testing of 4G and 5G core network functions of the OAI. The ng4T EPC tester will be integrated in the OAI Continuous Integration bench to allow for testing of OAI functions against an independent tester. Current efforts aimed at improving the quality of the OAI code will greatly benefit from the ng4T tester becoming part of the CI bench. The OAI community will be ensured of tested and tried functionality and better code quality and stability in the current 4G implementation as a first instance. OSA and ng4T will also collaborate on testing of 5G core network.

The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance is a community of industrial and academic contributors for open source development of both the mobile radio access network and core network (5G Core). ng4T develops NG-RAN emulators for rapid prototyping of 5G Procedures. Virtual eNB/gNB in various combinations allow to mimic the functionality of next Generation RAN topologies, including E-UTRA-NR Dual Connectivity and Single Connectivity.

Test solutions for 5G nodal isolation (AMF, SMF, UPF, UDM…) will follow.

About ng4T

Headquartered in Berlin, ng4T develops innovative solutions for the verification of nextGeneration Communication Systems. This includes load & stress, protocol and service assurance testing tools. Equipment Manufacturers and Network Operators worldwide rely on ng4T-expertise to proof standard-conformity of network nodes, reference points and telecommunication services. ng4T RAN & Core Emulators verify vendor inter-operability, assure mobility and benchmark conventional network topologies against NFV / SDN implementations.