Dear OpenAirInterface Community,

The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) is pleased to announce that the MOSAIC5G software has been transferred to be managed and run as a PROJECT GROUP within the OSA.

The strategic decision whereby EURECOM has transferred the ownership of the MOSAIC5G software to OSA has been taken to promote and develop the agile data-driven 5G network service delivery platform in close coordination with the OpenAirInterface RAN and Core Network infrastructure software. The leadership of the OSA believes that it is the need of the hour to provide a use-case driven end-to-end service platform at a one-stop location at the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance.

The move reinforces seamless integration of MOSAIC5G service platforms with the OAI cellular infrastructure layer. The MOSAIC5G and OAI teams are also working with a common CICD framework to provide end-to-end testing and integration of the two software packages.

Access to the MOSAIC5G software platforms is now open and downloadable at the GITLAB repository.

We invite our partners to visit the www.openairinterface.org website to learn more about the MOSAIC5G move. Current MOSAIC5G users and potential partners wishing to join as Members are requested to follow the OAI membership guidelines here. The OSA team is available at contact@openairinterface.org for any further queries.

The OSA Team*

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