SAN JOSE, Calif. – Open Networking & Edge (ONE) Summit –  April 30, 2024 – LF Networking (LFN), announced formal collaboration with OpenAirInterface (OAI) Software Alliance.

From the opening keynote stage at the Open Networking and Edge (ONE) Summit in San Jose, Calif, the General Manager of Networking, Edge, and IoT, Arpit Joshipura, announced the signing of a formal collaboration between the LF Networking and OAI to integrate Network Automation for Cloud Native Applications in the RAN and Core Network.

LFN and OAI have signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to formalize collaboration through Nephio and the 5G Super Blueprint (which is becoming an official LF Networking project) to provide Network Automation for Cloud Native Applications in the RAN and Core Network. Additional focus areas to include:

  • – Collaboration on the Open RAN reference designs by integrating the OAI RAN and Core Network components with Nephio and other projects from the LFN portfolio.
  • – Working together to drive the evolution of fully open reference platforms for Open RAN (beyond SMO, xAPPs, RIC, and Cloud), including, but not limited to the CU, DU, and RU.
  • – Drive developer communities to enable Open RAN end users including the United States, Government, private network users, and Telecom Operators, as well as provide a reference implementation to facilitate R&D in the vendor ecosystem

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