The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance is pleased to announce that KYOCERA Corporation today announced joining us as Associate Member.

The Alliance is delighted to work with KYOCERA Corporation, a prestigious international brand from Japan.This partnership is further testimony that work initiated by the Alliance finds interest from organizations the stature and prestige of KYOCERA Corporation. We are committed to working with our international partners to produce quality communications software as part of our community effort. The Alliance staff, in support of the community, provides a Continuous Integration and Testing environment that focuses on achieving the goal of improving the quality and bringing stabilization to the OpenAirInterface code. This CI environment is continuously maintained and upgraded by our team with the vision of helping our partners to work with the best in class 4G and 5G software for their use-cases.

Carve Your Own Way“, says Kazuo Inamori, the founder of KYOCERA. This is a very important philosophy for us.

Most mobile communication companies except some particular ones are forced to do business in so-called “Red Ocean Market”. Because of the breakthrough of this situation, now it’s time to adopt “Carve Your Own Way” philosophy. The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance has been advancing technology about wireless communication and they are leading the world’s first 5G open source. KYOCERA believes that their advanced technology and experience will be important to change the “Red Ocean Market”. We are actively working in carving new “Blue Ocean Market” by applying their progressiveness.

About KYOCERA Corporation

KYOCERA Corporation, a 60-year old and highly successful company operates businesses in several industries including Industrial & Automotive Components, Semiconductor Components, Electronic Devices, Communications, Document Solutions, and Life & Environment.

Within the communications industry, in the Devices segment, KYOCERA offers a range of smartphones and tablet devices for the most demanding user – including ruggedized handsets that are waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof, as well as IoT devices equipped with an antenna, battery and different sensors to allow reliable IoT connectivity in commercial applications – such as remote monitoring, cargo tracking and agriculture. These durable, high-quality modules contribute to the development of an increasingly advanced IoT society. Kyocera also operates other businesses in information and communications technology (ICT); telecommunications engineering; environment and energy engineering; and management consulting, helping implement and operate four major types of systems: information platforms, communications infrastructure, harmonized economy and ecology infrastructures, and enterprise management platforms.

Communication is the starting point of the KYOCERA Group. The Telecommunications Engineering business is involved in creating social communication infrastructure. It uses value-added services resulting from our design, construction, and maintenance systems that cover all of Japan, and the synergy created between our Telecommunications Engineering and ICT business domains. This allows us to create and operate in a diversified social communication infrastructure. Applications include Hybrid (Fiber-Optic + Wireless) Broadband Network Construction, Tourism / Disaster-Preparedness Wi-Fi Stations & Portable Wi-Fi Stations, and IP Notification Systems.

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