Some of the questions asked by thousands of users of OpenAirInterface that we have met around the world in recent times were

“What is the degree of maturity and stability of the OpenAirInterface software?”

“Does OpenAirInterface eNB software support multiple UEs?”

“Can we use OpenAirInterface eNB software for deployments?”

Today, thanks to our valued Strategic Member FUJITSU as well as Nokia Bell Labs and other partners and the work of the OpenAirInterface community and Software Management teams, we are pleased to answer the above-listed questions through this YOUTUBE video: OpenAirInterface Demonstrates 40 UEs against OAI eNB.

This video, deployed in the lab of our Strategic Partner, FUJITSU, shows 40 COTS UEs connected to a live OAI LTE eNB and OAI Core Network demonstrating that the current OAI eNB software is ready and tested to work in private LTE and rural deployments environments.

Our Software Management teams have released a new master branch (see here). We encourage the OAI community to work with this software and take it towards deployments in environments corresponding to their use-cases. As they work with the software, the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance team stands shoulder-to-shoulder in support with our valued community. We remain committed to helping our members in their endeavors to deploy their use-cases..

From all of us there at the OSA, “Thank you FUJITSU!!!” for sharing this demonstration video.

Yuko Akiyama, Director Innovation at FUJITSU and Member of the Board at the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance states,

OpenAirInterface today changes the world! Through this work done in our labs by our Engineering teams, we today demonstrate that OAI is at the heart of network innovation towards 5G. As an ICT vendor, FUJITSU is convinced that we need to realize 5G networks that will contribute to our society. And we believe that OAI is the central piece of this network of innovation. The most remarkable thing is that once you download OAI source code, you can deploy the network and connect COTS UE in just a few hours. OpenAirInterface is, without any doubt, a treasured asset .