The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance is pleased to announce that Developing Solutions Inc., a 5G test solution provider has joined us as Associate Member.

The Alliance believes that this new relationship with the Developing Solutions Inc. is an important one in our endeavors towards developing the OAI 5G core network. Our team intends to develop skills with the dsTest 5G core network testing solution from Developing Solutions Inc. We hope that this partnership will also allow for developing the test and integration environment of OAI with the goal of improving the quality and stability of the OpenAirInterface 5G core network code. The dsTest solution will integrate with the CI environment which is continuously maintained and upgraded with the vision of helping our partners access to the best in class 4G and 5G software for their use-cases.

Developing Solutions Inc.’s Founder and Vice President, John Minnis, says, “Developing Solutions is excited to join and participate in the OpenAirIinterface (OAI) Software Alliance. Our mission of providing cutting edge 5G test solutions aligns well with OAI’s objectives. We look forward to working with the community to improve the reliability, scale, and quality of 5G software platforms.

About Developing Solutions Inc. and its dsTest Solution

Developing Solutions is focused on testing the 3G/4G/5G wireless and IMS core networks. Our test solution, dsTest, is designed for both performance and functional testing. The software runs on several distributions of Linux and is designed to take advantage of the latest processor and virtualization and container technology available with COTS hardware in order to provide high performance and capacity. dsTest can scale cost effectively to over 200 million subscribers and 1.2 million+ transactions per second. Wireless Service Providers and Network Equipment Manufacturers rely on dsTest to test performance, compliance, and reliability of their network devices and architectures. dsTest is accompanied by the dsClient graphic user interface (GUI), which allows easy configuration and control of the tool, and provides live operational measurements monitoring in chart or tabular form.

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