The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance is pleased to announce that Benetel Limited, an Irish company providing leading edge hardware platform solutions for 4G/5G today announced joining the Alliance as Associate Member.

The Alliance is delighted to welcome Benetel Limited to the OpenAirInterface members. The OpenAirInterface team is looking forward to integrating the 4G/5G Remote Radio Units (RRU) with the OAI eNodeB/gNodeB over the fronthaul thus enabling an end-to-end deployable Small Cell solution. The Benetel and OAI teams will together be developing the fronthaul interface over the coming months. We hope that our partners will thus be able to leverage this work in order to deploy 4G and 5G networks for their use-cases.

John Doyle, Founder and CTO of Benetel says, “As 5G deployments emerge with support for multiple market verticals from Industrial, Automotive, Public Safety to Smart City etc. on the horizon, the potential for new wireless applications and engagement of new, non-traditional wireless network operators comes to the fore. Benetel envisions that organisations will require the ability to quickly and cost-effectively customise and evaluate the benefits of 5G networks or 5G network slices in their markets. Benetel is responding to this demand with deployment grade open interface RUs. We view OpenAirInterface, with their open source model and advanced feature set and roadmap, to be a strategic enabler of the early evaluation and demonstration of 5G network performance in these emerging vertical specific applications.

About Benetel Limited

Benetel is based in Dublin, Ireland, and was founded in 2001 by a team of highly skilled engineers with extensive experience of basestation design & deployment at major multinational companies who understood the growing importance of wireless connectivity. Benetel’s focus on Small Cells dates back to 2006, when it was among the first developers of 3G Femto cells.

Benetel today develops leading edge hardware platform solutions for 4G/LTE eNodeB Small Cells and has a solid 5G roadmap ahead. Offering off-the-shelf baseband and RF modules in a variety of frequency bands and output powers as well as design and test services, Benetel enables OEMs to radically increase the speed to market of the newest LTE and 5G network infrastructure.

The reliability, security and robustness of today’s communication networks are critical in many end market applications. Markets like Public Safety, Government and military are examples of such networks requiring a diverse range of technology capable of addressing the various end equipment and environments they operate in. Other markets that are less customized include transport, servicing rail, avionics and road, as well as Industrial infrastructure including utilities and mining, addressing both public and private enterprise. In common all require a private communication network capable of scaling in either function or features to address the various unique end applications.

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