ETSI and the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance (OSA) in association with EURECOM are pleased to announce this Joint ETSI – OSA Event on Open Implementations and Standardization. Preceded by a one day tutorial on 11th December, the Joint ETSI – OSA Workshop: Open Implementations and Standardization will take place on 12-13 December 2018 at ETSI premises in Sophia Antipolis, France. The workshop will bring the 5G standardization and implementation communities together to reflect on the role of open implementations such as OpenAirInterface in support of the development of standards. The event comes at a time when collaborative and open initiatives for wireless 5G are influencing how state of the art wireless networks can be designed and implemented. This in turn is impacting the work of standards groups.

This workshop is organized on the premise that open implementations can help promote innovation in wireless technologies by speeding up testing and validation of new functionality proposed through standardization.


Participating in the event is free of charge and open to all upon mandatory registration.

Pre-Event Training – 11 December 2018

A one day pre-event training will take place on 11 December 2018.

The training, addressed to engineers and software developers will be a combination of tutorials and hands-on on the OpenAirInterface Software Stack and PHY software. The training will allow participants new to OpenAirInterface to understand its functions, features and extent to which it can serve standards.

Objectives of the training
  • Learn how 4G/5G features are implemented and optimized on general purpose processors and Commercial Over The Shelf hardware as well as how open projects are managed and code quality ensured;
  • Kick start work on tools such as OpenAirInterface;
  • Cover basic software elements, installation and start-up procedure, brief overview of current test framework and deployment possibilities of the platform;
  • Cover coding guidelines and continuous integration topics and why they are of key importance in open community-based projects.

Workshop – 12-13 December 2018

Call for Presentations and Demonstrations – 24 September 2018

The Programme Committee is currently inviting industry leaders with a stake in ETSI and 3GPP 5G standardization as well as engineering practitioners working in the field of 5G wireless prototyping and research to submit proposals for presentations and demonstrations at the workshop.

Proposals on the following topics are welcome:

  1. Industry’s view on the role of open implementations of 5G wireless
  2. Prototyping of 5G wireless technologies based on OpenAirInterface and other open projects
  3. Open platforms and their role in standardization at ETSI
  4. Open platforms as an early testing and validation tool
  5. Experimentation for 5G pre-standard studies and research
  6. Use cases of 5G open implementations – current uses, potential areas
  7. Pre-commercial and experimental deployments of 5G based on open platforms
  8. Open implementations and coding methodologies: 5G-NR gNB and UE, RAN-splits, LTE-M, Nb-IoT, C-RAN, 5G Core Network, Public Safety, V2X, code management
  9. Demonstration session: Showcasing of 4G/5G technology solutions (limited to 10 demonstrations)

Should you be interested to submit a proposal for talk and/or demonstration, docplease fill in and send the attached form to the Program Committee by 24 September 2018 to

It is intended to have the full programme online by the end October.

Demo Session  – 12-13 December 2018

The workshop will host 10 demonstrations of technology showcasing 4G and 5G features. Advanced implementations in step with or in advance of latest releases of standards are also welcome to underline how open platforms can serve as a pre-standardization study tool. If you wish to show a live demonstration of  your work at the workshop, you are welcome to submit a proposal to using the attached form by 24 September 2018.

The demonstrations will take place during the coffee and lunch breaks of the OSA Workshop: Open Implementations and Standardization on 12-13 December 2018.


Due to the different nature of the audience for the Training and Workshop, two different registrations are provided.
Attendance to these events is open to all and free of charge upon registration.

Register for the Pre-event training on Open implementation of 5G on General Purpose Processors on 11 December 2018

Register for the Joint ETSI – OSA Workshop on Open Implementations and Standardization on 12-13 December 2018

Important Dates

24 September 2018: Deadline for Presentations and Demonstrations Submissions to Programme Committee
26 October 2018: Final Agenda online
1 December 2018: Stable draft of presentations and demonstration specifications

Programme Committee Members

  • Yuko Akiyama (FUJITSU)
  • Pierre Bonnard (TCL)
  • Christian Gallard (Orange)
  • Laurent Roullet (Nokia Bell Labs)
  • Florian Kaltenberger (EURECOM/OSA)
  • Raymond Knopp (EURECOM/OSA)
  • Adrian Scrase (ETSI)
  • Anthony Wiles (ETSI)