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Project Group: OAI 5G RAN

Date: 2022/05/31

Schedule: from 14:00 to 15:00 CET

Place: Zoom (This webinar is a virtual event)

Speaker: Francesco Mani, Software Engineer, OSA


Abstract: This webinar presents the simulation options available in OAI with a specific focus on L1 solutions. Physical simulators allow users to set up dedicated tests of individual transport channels or coding schemes, while with RFsimulator it is possible to abstract RF boards, antennas, and propagation channels to simulate a full gNB-UE connection on a single machine. Simulators are valuable tools both for developers and normal users to test the behavior or the performance of the software in a controlled scenario. The goal of the webinar is to explain and demonstrate to the attendees how to use these simulators.

Francesco Mani got his PhD from UCL in Belgium in 2012 with a thesis on Ray-Tracing for radio propagation channel modeling. After a few years spent working on similar topics in various European research institutions, in 2018 he joined Orange to work on 5G RAN interoperability testing in the framework of OpenAirInterface. Afterward, he spent 1 year and a half at Eurecom and he is now a freelance engineer working for OpenAirSoftware Alliance in the implementation of L1 and L2 procedures in OAI.