First OpenAirInterface South African Hands-on Workshop

Dear OAI Community,

Thank you for joining us at the First OpenAirInterface South African Hands-on Workshop held from July 2nd to July 4th at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria, South Africa.

This three-day event provided hands-on sessions on OAI RAN, Core Network, and OAM, offering participants practical experience and insights from our experts. It was a fantastic opportunity to enhance OAI code development skills and collaborate with peers in a dynamic setting.

Stay tuned for future events and opportunities to connect and learn within the OAI community.



Please bring a computer (preferably a laptop) with you, with the following minimum requirements:

1) Operating system: with Linux installed, no Windows or Mac (intel/M1/M2/M3). We prefer Ubuntu 22.04; we may not be able to provide support for other distributions, though they might work.
2) On your computer, the docker version >25.04 should be pre-installed.
3) The computer should have at least AVX2 capability and at least a 4-core CPU (or better/equivalent). For RAN work, an 8-core CPU is preferred.
– How to Check for AVX2 Support: Windows: Use a tool like CPU-Z to check the instruction sets your CPU supports. Linux: You can check the contents of /proc/cpuinfo for the avx2 flag.
4) For RAN work, you should not use a VM, as it usually causes issues for RAN.
5) We will not provide access to our computing hardware.
6) If you are coming from outside of South Africa, please bring an appropriate electricity plug or adapter (South Africa uses a unique 3-pin adapter; NB! Type N was introduced very recently and is still rare, so please do not count on it).
7) For OAI work, please make sure that at least 20GB of disk space is available if Ubuntu 22 is already installed. Otherwise, a free partition with at least 100GB is required to install Ubuntu 22. If you have enough space, we may be able to assist with installing a separate partition to run Linux and other necessary software.

The attendee is expected to have experience working on the command line. Linux experience is strongly recommended. Basic knowledge of 5G is advisable (e.g. Private 5G: A Systems Approach — Private 5G: A Systems Approach Version 1.1-dev documentation).