Here are the success stories of our community related to their usage of OpenAirInterfaceTM software.


  1. OpenAirInterface Simulator/Emulator: Navid Nikaien, OpenAir5GLab@EURECOM, July 2015. Link
  2. Software-Defined Radio will let communities build their own 4G Networks; IEEE Spectrum; Raymond et. al, OpenAir5GLab@EURECOM, Nov 2015. Link
  3. FlexiCell – OAI-based Cloud Radio Access Networks: Jorge et. al, IT AVEIRO, July 2016. Link
  4. Prototyping of Next Generation Fronthaul Interfaces (NGFI) using OpenAirInterface: Raymond et. al, OpenAir5GLab@EURECOM, Aug 2016. Link
  5. OpenAirInterface Massive MIMO testbed: Xiwen et. al, OpenAir5GLab@EURECOM, Aug 2016. Link
  6. Towards building cloud-native Radio Access Network using OpenAirInterface: Navid et. al, OpenAir5GLab@EURECOM, Sep 2016. Link
  7. 5G UE Demonstrator using OpenAirInterface: OpenAirInterface Team, OpenAirInterface Software Alliance, Sep 2016. Link
  8. Tighter coupling of LTE Wi-Fi Radio Access Networks: NeWS Lab, IIT Hyderabad, Oct 2016. Link
  9. OpenAirInterface based Universal Filtered Multi-Carrier (UFMC) System: Carmine et. al, University of Pisa, EURECOM; Nov 2016. Link
  10. The OpenAirInterface Application Programming Interface for Schedulers using Carrier Aggregation/FAPI 2.0: Florian Kaltenberger, Cedric Roux, EURECOM; Mateusz Buczkowski, Maciej Wewior, IS-Wireless; Nov 2016. Link
  11. OpenAirInterface –An Upstream Project for OPNFV: OpenAirInterface Software Alliance, EURECOM, China Mobile, Orange, BUPT, IITH, OPNFV; Nov 2016. Link

Invited Talks:

  1. OpenAirInterface based measurement methodology for the Evolved Multimedia Boardcast Multicast Service (eMBMS); Javier Morgade Prieto; Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications (TIW16) 2016; Livorno, Italy. Link
  2. Opening 5G; Raymond Knopp; Workshop NS-3 2016, Seattle, WA. Link
  3. Towards 5G: Slicing a 4G Network at Wireless @VT Symposium; Ivan Seskar; Winlab; Blacksburg, VA. Link
  4. OpenAirInterface and EU FP7 Collaboration Report; Ivan Seskar; Winlab; GENI NICE 2015 Worskhop; San Francisco, CA. Link
  5. Inside OpenAirInterface; Raymond Knopp; FOSDEM 2015, Brussels. Link
  6. Bringing Open-Source Technology into the 5G Arena; Raymond Knopp; NGMN Industry Conference and Exhibition 2015. Link


  1. OpenAirInterface (OAI) for Experimentation in 5G, Arjun et. al, IIT-Hyderabad, IEEE ANTS 2016, Nov 2016, Link
  2. Enabling Research in Future Wireless and Mobile Networks, Kobus et. al, Univ. of Utah, ACM SIGCOMM 2016, Aug 2016, Link
  3. OpenAirInterface Overview and Lab Session, OpenAir5GLab@EURECOM, Newcom# Summer School, Sophia Antopolis, May 2013. Link
  4. OpenAirInterface and EXMIMO2, OpenAir5GLab@EURECOM, Acropolis Summer School London, July 2013. Link