List of Alliance Projects approved by the board

Project 1B: Basic UE functionality

OSA Project 1B “Basic UE functionalities” deals with the support of main LTE UE functionalities in OAI UE software with the following objectives:

  • Fully integrated and stable UE with OAI eNB and OAI EPC
  • Supporting a minimum LTE Rel10 feature set for the OAI UE to be interoperable with different users in the community (network simulator designers, network test device manufacturers, infrastructure manufacturers) in several use cases (simulator, real time physical layer, real time end to end)
  • Prepare OAI UE to building blocks for advanced features development

OAI 1B Project is structured and managed according to the OAI Technical Governance.

TCL Communication is the main contributor to this project

In order to achieve these objectives, OAI1B Technical scope is focused on the following targets:

  • Interoperability with commercial NW
  • MIMO support
  • Carrier Aggregation
  • TDD

The OAI 1B Project dashboard contains a full view on current status of OAI UE features, stability and performances.

For more information on project governance and meeting minutes, you can refer to the OAI1B wiki page of the gitlab project.