OpenAirInterface (OAI) Organizational Chart


  • The board members are representatives of strategic member corporations.
  • The Alliance also has three executive officers (President, General Secretary and Treasurer) which are also part of the board.
  • Most officers report directly to the President on a monthly basis, and the President reports an overall operational status to the board.
  • The board approves the Technical Committee(TC) which is responsible for technical oversight of the alliance projects
  • The board approves the Marketing Committee(MC) responsible for outbound marketing of the alliance, for example participation on trade shows, press releases, etc.
  • The board approves the Project Management Committees (PMCs), which can be proposed by members of the alliance.
  • PMCs are always created within the 5G Strategic Areas which are ratified periodically by the board.
  • PMCs nominate and elect new committers to their project. PMCs also nominate and vote on new PMC members, which the PMC then recommends to the board that the change be made.