Many believe that OpenAirInterface is a game-changer and will contribute in a significant way to the changing telecom industry. If you are of the view that OpenAirInterface is potentially a cornerstone of your organization’s innovation strategy, your organization belongs in the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance as Strategic Member!

Role and Benefits of Strategic Membership

As Strategic Member, your organization will nominate a physical person, a Board Member to sit on the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance board. Please take a look at our current board members representing Strategic Members.

As Strategic Member, your organization has a steering role for the strategy of the alliance in ways needed to fulfill your organization’s goals. More specifically, Strategic Members benefit from all the advantages of Associate Membership but also co-own the Alliance’s vision and strategy. The strategic members benefit from

  • – A seat on the Strategic Board Committee where we jointly take decisions on the Alliance’s vision and strategic focus;
  • – A handle and say on strategic projects at the OSA alongside other organizations contributing to shaping the telecom industry;
  • – Full access to Alliance’s development resources for OAI feature development in areas of their strategic interest;
  • – Collaboration opportunities with other Strategic Members to develop new ecosystems for impact on industry;
  • – 360 degrees view of ongoing initiatives at the Alliance, at its stakeholders, and in other open source initiatives;
  • – Freedom to leveraging Alliance’s network to evangelize pre-commercial use-cases and other business initiatives;
  • – Leveraging Alliance’s workshops and other fora to send visionary messages to the attention of the outside world.
Donation Structure for Strategic Membership

Strategic Partners make an annual donation of 40.000€ (Forty thousand Euros) in the form of monetary contribution to the OpenAirInterface Endowment Fund.

How to become Strategic Member?

Membership rights and responsibilities are also mentioned in the Bylaws of the Alliance. For further information, please write to