OpenAirInterface Alliance Individual (Ordinary) Membership

By becoming an individual member of the OAI Alliance, you will have the opportunity of developing OpenAirInterface code in areas/features of your choice and benefiting from community engagement in these topics.

Individual members are developers who join the OAI Alliance free of charge. To contribute code to the OAI repositories, the individual member simply needs to sign the Individual Contributor’s License Agreement (ICLA) – please see here. Once the license is signed, a scanned copy must be sent to Our team will then add you as contributor to the OAI code base as well to our development fora.

Benefits of Individual Membership

  • Individual members are included in our mailing lists and are informed and invited to member-only events.
  • They can request for participation in developers’ meetings to allow them follow progress on ongoing projects.
  • They can join our events like workshops and training sessions.

Membership rights and responsibilities are described in detail in the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance Bylaws. For questions, please write to