Our History and Vision

The OpenAirInterfaceTM software originated as the fruit of research collaboration between several academic and industrial institutions in the framework of EU/French research projects led by EURECOM. However in order to cater to new needs, an increasing number of them of industrial nature in an evolving telecom arena, it was decided in 2015 to establish a foundation named OpenAirInterfaceTM (OAI) Software Alliance (OSA).

The OAI use-cases are numerous and the Alliance has given itself the clear vision of Facilitating OAI Adoption for its users. 

Why Become a Member?

Does your organization see the OpenAirInterface as a game changer in the telecoms industry? Does your organization see OpenAirInterface as a potential solution for your business


  • as a research, testing and/or validation platform?
  • as a fast prototyping platform for showcasing your latest innovations at fora like Mobile World Congress and others?
  • as basis for development of 4G/5G networks for your use-cases?
  • as a project and community you can engage with to develop thought leadership and identify and develop future business opportunities?

If your answer to any of the above is affirmative, your organization has every reason to join the OpenAirInterface Software Alliance as member! The Alliance will help you achieve your goals.


Role and Responsibilities of Members

The OpenAirInterface Software Alliance members also take on the role of supporting the development, promotion and protection of the OAI platform. By becoming a member of the alliance, you will


  • Contribute to supporting a core team dedicated to the OpenAirInterfaceTM (OAI) platform tasked with the development, maintenance and comprehensive testing of OAI features to improve quality, reliability, and feature coverage of OAI
  • Promote OAI at the international level as an open 3GPP implementation facilitating innovation
  • Showcase new use-cases of the OAI platform
  • Foster collaboration between the community, industry and end users
  • Promote OAI adoption

Your organization or yourself can join the Alliance in one of the following three capacities.